School Profile

School Profile


Independent Preparatory Academy is the first K12 Chinese International School which owned by Shenzhen Elite Investment Management Group. It is really the pioneer of the Chinese international education.

With upholding a philosophy of “global vision, Chinese feeling”, venerating the wisdom of Zhi (intelligence and wisdom),  Xin (loyalty and commitment),  Ai (love and passion),  Ren (compassion and kindness), Li (manners and ceremony),  Xiao (respect and obligation),  aiming to be the outstanding K12 Chinese international school in the world.

We believe that an excellent education reaches both the heart and the mind, combining challenges and inspiration, offering a rich experience of the real world balanced with the security of a programmed learning environment. IPA education values nurture and celebrate the intellectual, emotional and spiritual dimension of the human experience.


IPA,Chinee International School

l  The school name implies raising sun and inspiring intelligence.

l  IPA accepts Chinese and foreign students.

l  IPA was awarded as an AP Learning Center by Collegeboard.

l  IPA was awarded as a IGCSE\GCE Center by Edexcel.

l  IPA  promotes Chinese traditional values and philosophies in running the school.

l  IPA ‘s Students Union provide fruitful social practice. 


Our Mission and Philosophy 

We guide our students based on traditional Chinese culture and values.

We let them know how to network, and become active and productive members of our community, and true citizens of the world.



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