Admissions Information

Admissions Information


The Academy (IPA) provides British and American curriculum, blended with exciting extracurricular activities, and Chinese culture. Recently the school has launched a sponsorship program to support foreign middle/high school children. After taking an entrance test and getting an acceptance letter from the school, the student can start his/her studies immediately, and not to wait for the beginning of the new semester.


The Academy has been running  a fully functioning middle and high school. At Grades 6-9 students learn the basics of academic subjects and discover personal interests. Whereas, at Grades 10-12 they choose the courses according to their interests and expertise: science, arts, business, art and design, and get ready for the university life. Our students take international exams of IGCSE (International Graduate Certificate of Secondary Education), A-level or AP (Advanced Placement), which are recognized in many countries of the world and most prestigious universities.


The students study Chinese and English, as compulsory language courses. In addition, they can choose another foreign language: French, Spanish, German, Russian, etc.

The school offers different extracurricular activities, such as: arts, business, Chinese culture, and debates clubs,various sports,  teacher’s assistants and  internships in famous companies in Shenzhen. The Academy’s policy is to educate a complete person, who has excellent academic, as well as social skills.


The Academy campus is conveniently located in Shekou Net Valley, nearby Shuiwan subway stop:


7th Floor, Wanhai Building, Block C, No.1031 Nanhai Avenue, Nanshan District, SZ.


The registration for primary school students opened in November for September 2018 intake, since a larger brand new campus is going to open next year.


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The Academy  is currently accepting the  applications for scholarships.

For more details, pls, contact Anna Veremyova

Phone: +86 13622237442 / 0755-88272621

Email: anna@hs-college.com



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