Social Evaluation

Social Evaluation

Parents evaluation


"The teachers care about our children and I really appreciate it! "


"Our kids are lucky because they meet a group of nice teachers. We have the confidence to grow with our children and help our children realize their dreams."


"We never thought that children could make such great progress before they came to IPA! After choosing huisheng, we never regretted our choice."



Teachers evaluation

The Shenzhen IPA Preparatory Academy is one of the most state-of-the-art, innovative, experimental high schools in South China. With a fully international staff and student body, our school prides itself on our record of academic achievement, multi-cultural awareness, and our creative atmosphere. We focus every day on expanding the minds of our students, while preparing them for university and their lives after. Come visit us today!

—— Jack


At The Academy (IPA) students receive a tailor made education program for Art & Design. The Academy’s offer IGCSE, KS3 & AP Programs for Fine Art, Communicational Design & Interior Design. Unlike other schools; The Academy helps students that can’t follow the standard program that public or other private schools follow.

The Academy allows students to have control over their studies, feel confident to communicate what they need and receive personalized attention that is going to allow them to succeed in the subject of their preference and future college education. The students receive personalized help to build their portfolio or challenge to apply to the college and subject of their choice.



The Academy offers KS3, IGCSE, AP and SAT courses which are being taught by experienced teachers who are dedicated to make every individual student become confident. We strive for excellence and give extra lessons to students whenever we feel they are having trouble understanding a topic. Every student is unique and our approach to each student is different too. Our goal is to make students confident enough to appear for international exams and get the feel of university education by being guided and trained by both foreign teachers and Chinese teachers. We welcome all prospective parents and students to come and experience our unique educational approach towards higher studies.





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