School Culture

School Culture


Homestay Program

The IPA provides homestay for both local students and foreigner students to live with foreign parents to be

completely emerged within the foreign home environment.


Music Band

The IPA creates Students Music Band involves music, dancing and instrument.


High Table Dinner

Our High Table Dinner provides students with the opportunity to learn and practice etiquette

and communication skills with Elite and Talented successful people.   


Confucius / Student - Teacher

Student-teachers of the IPA  are capable of transferring the skills they learnt while at IPA

to become student-teachers in overseas schools.


Chinese Culture

- Chinese Culture: Intensive reading and appreciation of poems and literature, practical writing,

essence of traditional culture, and Traditional Customs.

- History, Geography and Politics: History and Geography of China and the world. Education

about China as a whole.

- Music and Painting: Appreciation of classical music and art work in China and the world.

- PE: Dancing, world sports, traditional Chinese PE program (Chinese Kung Fu, Archery)


Chinese Language and Culture for Adults

Program objectives:

•    Teach foreigners basic Chinese language skills

•    Introduce Chinese culture and traditions

•    Give information about the latest changes in Chinese laws and policies

•    Create an international volunteers group to participate in government events



Teaching Characteristics