Extra Curriculum

Extra Curriculum


We offer different extracurricular activities, such as: arts, business, Chinese culture, and debates clubs,various sports,  teacher’s assistants and  internships in famous companies in Shenzhen. 


IPA students compete in an academic presentation contest in English on a regular basis. Prior to the contest, each student is asked to choose a topic of his/her personal interest, and is given a month to gather information and to prepare a short presentation on the chosen topic. The contest is a testimony to both the students’ independent research capability and their practical English skills.


Every year The Independent Preparatory Academy (IPA) of Shenzhen holds high table which originated from colleges at Oxford and Cambridge Universities. The purpose of the event is to introduce students to proper banquet etiquette and manners, while providing them with an opportunity to mingle and socialize with the faculties in a non-academic situation.



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