"English teacher" undergraduate recruit 4 people proficient in English


"English teacher" undergraduate recruit 4 people proficient in English

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Job Responsibilities:

1. Have the ability to teach in English, can prepare lessons according to the teaching plan and implement the teaching plan (pre-lectures starting from the new concept of 3-4);

2 agree with the combination of teaching and service mode of work, earnestly implement the classroom teaching and teaching services two work;

3. Regular departmental meetings and training to participate in teaching reviews, to ensure the quality of teaching.


1. Bachelor degree or above, with overseas study experience is preferred;

2 basic English solid, pronunciation standard, fluent spoken;

3. Relevant teaching experience is preferred, English speaking, debating and broadcasting experience is preferred, or those who have participated in relevant competitions and received the highest rankings are preferred.

4 excellent language skills, clear, logical thinking ability;

5. Have strong communication skills, good at communicating with parents and students;

6. Awareness of service, from the perspective of students or parents to think and deal with the problem;

7. Compressive ability, with a solid theoretical basis, familiar with the curriculum, deep professional knowledge;

8. Familiar with the characteristics of life and learning of middle school students, be good at observing students' problems, teach students according to their aptitude, and be able to put forward effective solutions;

9. Bachelor degree or above, teacher qualification certificate is preferred.


Five insurance a gold year-end bonus professional training food subsidies staff travel accommodation

Work Address: Shekou Wangu Wan Hai Building