"Chinese teacher" undergraduate one person proficient in English


"Chinese teacher" undergraduate one person proficient in English

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Job Responsibilities:

1. Have three years of teaching experience in Chinese, according to the teaching plan for the preparation and implementation of teaching plans;

2 agree with the combination of teaching and service mode of work, earnestly implement the classroom teaching and teaching services two work;

3. Regularly attend departmental meetings and trainees, participate in teaching reviews and ensure the quality of teaching.


1. Bachelor degree or above;

2. Have two years of teaching experience in mathematics, have a language of public speaking, teaching experience, or participated in the competition and get the highest priority;

3 excellent language skills, clear and logical thinking ability;

4. Have strong communication skills, good at communicating with parents and students;

5. Awareness of service, from the perspective of students or parents to think and deal with the problem;

6. Compressive ability, with a solid theoretical basis, familiar with the curriculum, professional deep foundation;

7. Familiar with the life and learning characteristics of middle school students, be good at observing students' problems, teach students according to their aptitude and be able to put forward effective solutions;

8. Bachelor degree or above, teacher certification holders priority.


Work Address: Shekou Wangu Wan Hai Building