"Assistant general manager" undergraduate one person


"Assistant general manager" undergraduate one person

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Job Responsibilities

1, to assist the general manager of the company team management;

2, do the company's strategic planning, daily management think tank;

3, responsible for the daily schedule of general manager;

4, responsible for manager files, letters, correspondence received and transmitted;

5, responsible for the general manager of the day-to-day management of the drafting of documents;

6, responsible for visiting the reception, business accompanying;

7, to help arrange travel, translation information.


Under 1,38 years of age, bachelor degree or above; men and women are not limited, good health, looks good;

2, have more than five years of middle and large-sized enterprise management experience, marketing and management experience is preferred;

3, good character, cheerful, straightforward; sense of responsibility, ambitious, able to withstand the pressure of work, teamwork and good ability;

4, have good communication and coordination skills, writing a solid foundation;

5, with close logical thinking ability and comprehensive analysis and judgment, strong co-ordination ability, excellent written and verbal ability;

6, education-related professional background is preferred.

7, excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing experience, overseas study or work experience is preferred

8, skilled driving skills (necessary conditions)


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Work Address: Shekou Wangu Wan Hai Building