Hui Sheng College 2017-2018 The first "Parents School" was successfully held


Hui Sheng College 2017-2018 The first "Parents School" was successfully held

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On the afternoon of August 30, Huisheng College held the first "Parents School" in which Chinese and foreign parents and students participated in the event.

On the afternoon of August 30, Huisheng College held the first "Parents School" in which Chinese and foreign parents and students participated in the event.

"Parents School" is one of the special characteristics of Huisheng College. "Parents are children's first teachers" and play an important and irreplaceable role in their children's growth. Huisheng College fully recognizes that parents play an important role in children's growth education. Parents' schools are specially set up to create a wide range of online and offline communication and interaction platforms for parents.

The first activity of Parents School is "Imagine 20 Years Later." Students write a letter to teachers and parents 20 years from now, and parents and teachers write a letter to students and parents 20 years later. Parents give their children's letters full of expectations and tolerance of their children. Children's letters to their parents also expressed their gratitude and blessings to their parents.

The second activity is 10 people 9 feet. Students, teachers and parents participate together in small groups. In the training process, each member of the group arm in arm and walked side by side. Although it is a race, everyone does not ask about winning or losing. Instead, they enjoy the joy of working together in the activities and making concerted efforts to solve the difficulties.

A small event, a simple game, so that the relationship between teachers and students more intimate, but also so that parents and children passed each other a deep blessing.

The original intention of the "Parents School" at Huisheng College is to help parents and children develop healthy communication and build close family relationships. Through creative parent-child games, teachers, parents and students can get closer to each other through multiple interactions.

It seems from today's classmates and parents with a smile on their faces, through this activity, they have a deeper understanding of each other's love.

Study abroad in the future, but also students always remember that in the other side of the ocean, there is always concerned about your parents, as well as the blessings of your Huisheng College teachers!