Sponsorship Program


Sponsorship Program

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Implementation of Sponsorship Program


一、    2020-2021年项目资助对象及名额\ Program Candidates and Quota for 2020-2021

1.   资助对象:在华外籍人员低收入家庭(户籍登记资料在深的外籍家庭总收入低于30万)

Funding Target: Annual income is below 300,000 RMB

2.   名额:限额15名(含小学、初中、高中)

Quota: Total number is 15 which include from G1 to G10


二、    资助项目学生收费标准(仅限学费)

Tuition fee would be as below after sponsoring

1.   小学1年级:7.8/年(正常收费15.8/年)

G1: 78000 RMB/Per Year

2.   初中7年级: 8.8/年(正常收费16.8/年)

G7: 88000 RMB/Per Year

3.   高中10年级 :9.8/年(正常收费:18.8/年)

G10: 98000 RMB / Per Year


三、    申请材料(需提交以下资料)Required Documents

1.   资助项目申请表Submit an Application Form

2.   申请者现就读学校的缴费证明Payment slip from previous school

3.   父母双方在深工作的单位证明Employment letter from Parents company

4.   护照签证复印件(有效期内)Passport and visa

5.   父母在中国开户银行的一年期流水Latest one year bank statement

6.   在深住房情况Housing

l   如果租赁房屋,请提供租房合同Providing contract if renting house in china

l   如果购房,请提供房产证明 Providing document if purchased house in china


四、    申请流程Application Procedure

1.   填写申请表Fill in and submit the application form

2.   入学考试(面试父母和学生)Taking the Entrance Test(including interview for both parents and students)

3.   根据入学考试情况和提交资料接受审批Approval based on the entrance test result and documents

4.   学校发放录取通知(电子版)Offer letter from the school

5.   申请通过者按时办理缴费和学籍登记 Payment of tuition and miscellaneous fees

6.   按规定时间到校报到 Students registration

7.   签订入学协议 Sign the school’s contract


五、    审核机制 Approval process

1、 申请资料齐全且真实有效Based on Document Verification

2、 按先来后到原则Based on sponsorship availability in order of application process

3、 经审核通过后,未按时缴交费用,视为自动放弃资助名额Sponsorship can be revoked if payment is not completed on time


六、    缴费机制Required Payment

1、 资助项目的学生所有费用须按时一次性交齐All applicants should pay once a year on time

2、 学费和学杂费,本校仅接受银行交付、网银支付、转账,不接受现金支付 The school only accepts bank transfers, cash is not accepted.


七、    中途退费机制Refund Policies

1.   未开学前,资助项目参加者申请退出,原则上退还总费用(学费+学杂费)的85%

The school will refund 85% of total payment if the applicant leaves the school before the start of the semester.

2.   开学后,资助项目参加者申请退出,按入学协议办理退学退费

The school will account for the rest of the fees based on the school’s contract