Free Online Live Course For You!


Free Online Live Course For You!

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HSIPA Free online classes are open to all students. KS, GCSE and A level as well as Chinese Gaokao program.


As the New Year has begun we were all looking forward to the start of the winter vacation and the Spring Festival.


The outbreak of the Coronavirus at the end of January has been a major setback to our hopes and plans. The affect on the whole country has been catastrophic  with many fatalities , high disruption and family isolation. The emergency services, volunteers and medical staff are working very hard to protect the population from this epidemic.



We are now confident that with medical and technical expertise the country will return to normal and this virus will be beaten.  However, at present, the school will remain closed as one of the many initatives to ensure public safety.


On the 31st January, 2020 the Ministry of Education has suggested that  ‘stopping the classes without stopping education’ during the battle with the virus is the correct course of action.  Accordingly, HSIPA has already initiated online courses to ensure that continuity of teaching is not lost.



HSIPA Online Live Courses Are Avaliable For All International School Students



Some of the International students returned to their homes and some of them remained with local Shenzhen citizens to fight this crisis.  Wherever you are, HSIPA is thinking of you.  


Since February 10th, the day HSIPA should have started,  all students are now benefiting from this online technology.  Teachers continue to show encouragement and support during these online lessons. It’s very much “business as usual” despite the students and teachers being in different locations. HSIPA has overcome many logistical problems with correspondence, textbooks  and  information. The school will continue to do so for as long as is required.


 The online classes are open to all students from primary level to middle/High school. School cirriculums are based on the British system, Form KS, GCSE and A level as well as Chinese language and Culture. The kids these days are fast learners and adapt well to new technology and the school takes great pride in what we are achieving.



This odious virus will never stop our aims and hopes for a better education for all students in Shenzhen and we will do our very best to achieve this.