Huisheng College students won the first place in the world exams


Huisheng College students won the first place in the world exams

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Chinese students have outstanding math advantages, 77% above Grade A and 54% A *.

Chinese students have outstanding math advantages, 77% above Grade A and 54% A *.

2017 World UPC Results released, Hui Seng College students first battle With excellent results prove that strength: 77% of the subjects to achieve A and above, 54% of IG math test students get A *!

Hui Sheng College high school students some transcripts

Teaching Director Jan said that students in Huisheng College completed the high and high school courses of the Commonwealth countries in just one year. Even the famous Shenzhen International Institute of Communication takes two years to complete.

Since entering high school, students with the help of bilingual teachers in China and Britain have fast access to all-English learning (not brushing questions). It is praiseworthy to have achieved such outstanding results in the whole English teaching environment! And a 77% A grade, A * 54%, proved their unlimited potential, I believe they are ready to learn a higher level course.

About IGCSE Global and College Admission Standards

The full name of IGCSE is International General Certificate of Secondary Education, also known as "general high school general level certificate course", in Singapore known as "O level". IGCSE is designed for first year and second year students. Students enrolled in five IGCSE courses and can apply to universities in the Commonwealth countries according to the certificate level, such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, the European Union and some American universities.

2017 Edexcel Examinations UK IGCSE Test scores and grade conversion (out of 100):


1, world-class universities such as Princeton University in the United States, Yale University, Cambridge University, Oxford University, etc. require students to apply for admission to high school GCE A Level Challenge. (The GCE A Leve program is a general high school advanced level certificate program for O-level students and is designed for top students with a degree of difficulty comparable to that of the AP program in the United States.) Achieve Grade B or above and convert to the first year of college credits.

2, official test center authority: Huisheng College is the official test center authorized by Edith Authority of UK, Huisheng College students can not go to school directly to attend the global test in the school and get the Edison National Examinations Certificate issued by the High School Student status and diploma.

3, the British Edexcel (Edexcel) Exam Authority is the largest certification body in the United Kingdom, but also the only British institutions have issued certificates of academic examination and vocational education qualification agencies. Eton Public School, Harrog School adopt the standard of the Edels test bureau.

Accumulate, Houdezaiwu!

Huisheng College will not forget the beginning, temper the forward, the essence of the Western education system rooted in the fertile land of traditional Chinese culture, do the best of China International School!